Pond People

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Rev. Chad Snellgrove, Minister


Chad has enthusiastically served as a minister since he graduated from college. It was there that he realized that his call to ministry was rooted in asking the deep questions of life and faith. Primarily a youth/young adult/children’s minister before arriving at White Oak Pond, Chad believes that the church must be a place of active and growing people of faith. While serving at Central Christian Church in Lexington, KY for over 15 years he developed a strong service/missions program with the youth, designed and integrated vibrant worship experiences church-wide, worked with the congregation on a significant building addition and created a safe and welcoming environment for children and their families. He loves working with people and families of ages and is grateful to have found a place where he can use his passion for ministry and life.

“The world is hurting and still we hear the words of Jesus that “the Kingdom of God is among us”.  I hear Jesus invitation to see the world as a place where God is moving, to be one where we as Christians are called to live lives of depth and service and to share that vision with the world.  The people that I live and work with each day are struggling to make sense of life.  They feel pulled by the draw of worldly/financial success, influenced to consume at unhealthy rates and present themselves to the world in ways that discourage vulnerability and open compassion.  The church must stand strong as a place where all are invited to come and join in healthy community and experience the powerful and vibrant unconditional love of God as lived out in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.”

In ministry since 1995, Chad has served churches and on regional staffs in Kentucky and Georgia. He is a graduate of Purdue University (B.A. Theatre Design) and Lexington Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity with Youth Ministry Certification). Chad enjoys spending time with his daughters, McKenzie and Emory and his wife Melissa. Some of his other interests include golf, cooking, tennis, baseball, yoga and running (He recently completed his 3rd marathon and 11th half-marathon).  His philosophy of life and ministry stems from his belief that we are all blessed Children of God and that our stories of faith, when shared and practiced in supportive and loving communities, help create the Kingdom of God in new ways each and everyday.



Denise Schneider, Secretary