White Oak Pond Church

  • Epiphany 2016

  • Welcome to Pond!

    We are glad that you visit our website. If you have any questions about us, please contact us anytime.

  • Your Nurturing Family Since 1790

    White Oak Pond is a congregation that has been a part of this community since 1790. We are here to become a nurturing family for you.

  • Blessing of the Animals

  • Welcome

    We welcome you to Pond Church which has been a nurturing family for the Richmond community since 1790.

    We have welcome everyone as God has welcomed us at the Table of the Lord. We are the church that is striving to become a people of grace and welcome to all God's children though differing in race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, marital status, physical or mental ability, political stance or theological perspective.


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  • Mission Statement

    Accept One Person at a Time
    to Christ Never-Ending Forgiving Love!

    Four Values of Pond

    1) Acceptance
    2) Diversity
    3) Relevance in the Current World
    4) Fun & Enjoyment

    Sermon 3/5/17 – Rev. Chad Snellgrove

    Space for the Journey Ecclesiastes 12 The Journey by Mary Oliver

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